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This initiative is youth-centered, and the purpose is to facilitate an opportunity for Black youth to explore their ancestral history, experiences, and accomplishment across civilization through inquiry, storytelling, research, and express their learning through digital storytelling and Afrocentric exhibition.

The purpose of this event is to celebrate Black History Month as we as people of African descent honor our ancestral connection to ancient African precolonial civilianization by engaging in a process of decolonization intellectually, creatively, emotionally, socially, or physically.

While ACCEC and PACE continues to identify and remove barriers experienced by the Black communities and Black youth locally, we recognize that we cannot separate the systemic issues and the oppression and barriers faced by our communities and Black people in North America without reflecting and reconnecting with Africa. As an organization, both ACCEC and PACE we reflect on the historical legacies atrocities and the invasion and exploitation of land and enslavement; we also use our ancestral knowledge through the preservation of cultures, clothing, food, and literacy as a reference point of healing, truth, and reconciliation.

The objective of this participatory youth-centred intergenerational initiative is to intentionality generate meaningful understanding of the lived experiences of member from communities of African descent and Frist Nations peoples. Most, importantly to place a physical concrete depiction that honours the collective narrative of the Black and Indigenous shared experiences, healing and cultural heritage while exchanging knowledge and implementing from an indigenous worldview. 

Outcome anticipated from carrying out the project:

The anticipating outcomes are the following:

  • To provide young leaders opportunities to make sense of their own identity 
  • To enhance youth’s outreach skills, effective coping mechanism and reconciliation and conflict resolution
  • Nurtures critical thinking and Global awareness
  • To encourage youth to contribute on innovative initiatives that addresses social challenges
  • To provide training and empowerment for young learners to cultivate historical archives of their heritage 
  • To provide youth with ongoing supports and strong base of connection in their respected communities
  • To enhance children and youth’s wellbeing, health and safety through transformational arts
  • To install love and excitement in young learners’ hearts to be researchers of the world through observation, reflection and conceptualization of qualitative research
Event Date: March 18, 2022 @ 12:00 AM