Over the course of 2020 – 2021, various Black women and girls came forward to our office reporting serious incidents of hate motivated violence and intimate partner violence (IPV). Consequently, Covid 19 exacerbated intimate partner violence and hate-motivated attacks at an alarming rate, resulting in serious life-threatening conditions for women and children in our community. To promote awareness, prevention, and support for survivors of hate-motivated violence, ACCEC initiated virtual town hall meetings and community forums with institutional stakeholders (law enforcement and grassroot community members). As well, ACCEC has carried out a variety of initiatives to raise awareness about the signs and risks of violence, with a particular emphasis on Black women from intersectional identities, such as Black Muslim and Black African women without status, & Black women who identify as queer. 

As a result of many discussions with community members directly impacted by violence and grassroots community leaders, ACCEC’s Women and Gender Based Violence Prevention program was launched in November 2021 with the objective of protecting Black women and girls from all forms of violence. The program was developed in response to hate motivated attacks against Black Muslim women in Edmonton. We created this program to protect Black women who had experienced hate-motivated violence, domestic violence, and violence perpetrated by their intimate partners. ACCEC developed a two-pronged approach is one way ACCEC addresses racism: We create healing modalities rooted in our African Indigenous worldview, which we incorporate into all of our programs and initiatives, and we advocate at the systems-level for policies and practices that prioritize the protection of human rights and dignity for all people of African descent.   

Goals & Objectives

ACCEC’s goals in the Women & Gender Based Violence Prevention Program are:

Eradicate Gender-based Violence

gender-based violence and racial trauma that disproportionately impacts women of African descent

Increase Reporting of Hate Motivated Violence

To increase reporting of hate motivated violence and intimate partner violence among women and girls of African descent 

Create resources & Share Data Based Evidence

collect race-based data to counter violence in Edmonton, as well as to clarify what the community and government need to do

  • The African Caribbean Black Residential Program – A provincially-funded residential stabilization model that recognized the importance of belonging, connection, promoting meaningful relationships, and working with youth, families and natural supports.  

     This project was our COVID-19 emergency response to support youth dealing with mental health and addiction exacerbated by the pandemic. Services included a short-term placement with two residential beds for youth stabilization that provided 24/7 therapeutic engagement, group therapy, and educational and employment support from an African descent cultural perspective. 

     The ACB Residential Program was designed to house, rehabilitate and reintegrate at-risk youth with intersectional identities aged 17 to 24. 

     The ACB Residential Program served the most vulnerable youth with complex multi-generational and developmental trauma overrepresented in the justice system. 

  • The ACB Stabilization Program serves the most vulnerable Youth with complex multi-generational and developmental trauma, fleeing violence, experiencing mental health barriers and being overrepresented in the justice system. 

     The ACB Stabilization Program is designed to work with youth of African descent aged 16 to 30 who are needing support with navigating and exiting systems, experiencing houselessness, lifestyle changes, needing mental health support, mentorship, etc.  

  • The ACB Stabilization Program team is trained to provide culturally sensitive programs, services and resources that facilitate rehabilitation and reintegration for individuals back into the community.  

    Our services include therapeutic engagement, outreach, resource connection, advocacy, life skills development, education, court processing support and employment support while building trust and providing a safe environment for youth. 

Key Activities

The key activities of the ANZA Entrepreneurship Ecosystem are:

These are the project Activities for the Women & Gender Based Violence Prevention Program

Based on the  program learning and data collected, construct an integrated holistic service synchronized to the court navigator, resource navigator, mental health support worker and community outreach. 

Target Demographic

ACCEC’s Women and Gender Based Violence Prevention Program serves Black women from different intersectionalities


  ACCEC’s Women and Gender Based Violence Prevention Program serves Black women from different intersectionalities. Among the demographics that we have served and sought out our services are Black women and children of African descent living with the intersectionality of being displaced, Muslim, 2SLGBTQ+, refugees, non-status, and survivors of violent crimes.  

Black women and girls between the ages of 14 and 62 walk through our doors seeking interventions for life-threatening violent incidents. All of the incidents that required ACCEC immediate intervention are rooted in the objectification, dehumanization, and intersectional discrimination experienced by young women and girls of African descent. 


ACCEC intends to secure grants from different avenues to continue the Women & Gender Based Violence Prevention Program.