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ACCEC is a national public affairs organization that promotes and strengthens opportunities for African, Caribbean, Black, and Racialized Communities.

Who We Serve

Addressing barriers and promoting quality of life for people of African descent

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Youth Development

We serve the most vulnerable youth with complex multi-generational and developmental trauma overrepresented in the justice system. 

Gender-Centered Support

We provide immediate and long-term services for women and children fleeing domestic violence/abuse, hate-motivated violence and gender-based violence.

Access to Justice

We write IRCA’s for all members of African descent to provide the court with a complete picture of the individual’s circumstances.

Civic Engagement

We are dedicated to increasing Black Canadian participation in civic engagement, advocacy, community, and leadership to increase life quality and address social inequities. 

Community-Centered Research

We are dedicated to increasing Black Canadian participation in civic engagement, advocacy, community, and leadership to increase life quality and address social inequities.


From age 15 to 17, it was the most difficult time for me, causing trouble. I felt as if I couldn't speak my mind, to be able to relate to anyone until I was introduced to ACCEC. I began to believe in myself, my abilities, my potential & my path. I managed to graduate from Edmonton Fire Cadets, graduate high school, be involved in football & rugby, create my own business & seek more opportunities.

What has been done for me: I've returned to my community & offered opportunities to youths facing challenges & I also realize that the young adults want a shot at success just like I did. I have hired young adults to give them a chance to prove themselves so that they can achieve whatever they put their mind to.
- Chris G.
This is not like any other programs because Dunia would take time out of her day to take me to important meetings and helped me and a lot of my friends get into “ employment programs to help us make income. This program helped me see the bigger picture in life and give me a sense of direction because anytime I needed help in my personal life with my Job or family, they were there to help.

When I got released from jail, they helped me get to all my probation meetings on time and Consulting. Right now, I’m working on starting my first business. I’ve managed to create a partnership with a local barbershop that makes about $100,000 in revenue annually, but without the help of Dunia and the ACCEC team, I would not be able to do all of this.
- Edward S.
I want to take this opportunity to thank Kelvin from the bottom of my heart. Not only did you accept my son into the ANZA program, you also took on the role as a great strategic mentor for him. As a single-parent of 2 African-American Boys, I am very grateful, appreciative and humbled towards the experience my son has received. He will be able to use and implement those mighty skills. I cannot thank you enough!
- Anonymous

New Alberta program will help women fight anti-Black, Islamophobic hate crimes in court

The program will help Black women experiencing hate-motivated violence, systemic racism, discrimination, or who are fleeing domestic violence in Alberta, navigate the legal system. 

Partners and Funders

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