ACCEC (African Canadian Civic Engagement Council) is committed to fostering empowerment and serving the diverse African-descent communities across Canada. Through a multifaceted approach encompassing advocacy, direct services, and rigorous research and policy analysis, ACCEC strives to address the unique needs and challenges faced by individuals of African descent in the Canadian context.

Our organization’s programs are strategically designed and segmented into five key areas of focus, each catering to specific aspects of community development and well-being, consisting of youth development, civic engagement, gender-centered support, access to justice, and community-based research.

Youth Development

Empowering African descent youth, addressing the challenges of poverty, violence, and trauma prevalent in this demographic!

Civic Engagement

Increasing Black Canadian participation in advocacy, community, and leadership to increase life quality and address social inequities!

Access to Justice

Confronting the over-representation of African-Canadians in the legal system with comprehensive research and policy examinations.

Gender-centered Support

 Advocating for women who have survived assault and violence, and providing solutions and services to facilitate healing in all forms.

Community-based Research

Conducting in-depth research to fuel data-driven decision making for policies that impact the life-quality and human rights of all people.

Youth Development

ACCEC’s Youth Development pillar is committed to empowering African descent youth, addressing the challenges of poverty, violence, and trauma prevalent in this demographic. Through strategic investments in community-driven solutions and culturally sensitive programs, we facilitate the creation of economic opportunities for young individuals. 

Recognizing the importance of rehabilitation and reintegration, ACCEC provides tailored resources to support a successful return to society. Our overarching goal is not only to reintegrate but also to grant economic freedom, fostering a profound sense of agency and self-determination among African descent youth. By empowering them to chart their own paths to success, we aim to contribute positively to the broader Canadian society.

Gender-Centered Support

ACCEC is a staunch advocate for women within the justice system who have survived sexual assault, domestic violence, and structural violence. Our advocacy takes the form of meticulously crafted ACCEC court reports, strategically presented to Alberta’s provincial court. These reports serve as powerful documents that urge the court to acknowledge not only the health and social disparities faced by these survivors but also to recognize their lived experiences, vulnerabilities, and the pressing need for culturally safe interventions. By drawing attention to these critical aspects, ACCEC aims to contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges faced by women in these situations and to advocate for justice that is not only legally sound but also sensitive to the cultural context and individual experiences of the survivors.

Access to Justice

The “Access to Justice” pillar within ACCEC is specifically designed to confront the issue of over-representation of African-Canadians in the legal systems of Alberta. This initiative seamlessly aligns with ACCEC’s overarching mission to empower and advance the rights and opportunities of individuals of African descent throughout Canada. Through the delivery of high-quality services, comprehensive research endeavors, and a critical examination of policies and legislative frameworks, ACCEC addresses the multifaceted challenges that impact the lives of people of African descent in Alberta and beyond. By strategically focusing on access to justice, we aim to contribute meaningfully to the creation of a more equitable legal landscape, ensuring fair representation and opportunities for African-Canadians within the legal systems of Alberta and across the broader Canadian context.

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