Womenand Gender-based Violence Prevention (WGBVP)

ACCEC’s Women & Gender-Based Violence Prevention (WGBVP) Program supports women and children with resource connections, housing, income support & AISH (Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped), immigration support, legal support, and counselling and mental health supports.  

The WGBVP Program has assisted women and girls to navigate legal systemic barriers by referring them to lawyers or immigration consultants, processing court documentation, and writing Impact of Race Cultural Assessments (IRCAs) in the event of legal challenges. The ACCEC’s Women and Gender Based Violence Prevention Program has implemented working with vulnerable communities that were compromised during COVID-19, particularly, with women of Black Muslim women of African descent who were fleeing domestic and/or hate-motivated violence. 


 ACCEC’s Women and Gender-Based Violence Prevention Program serves Black women from different intersectionalities with the following support services:

Goals & Objectives

ACCEC’s aims to achieve the following through the Women & Gender Based Violence Prevention Program:

Eradicate Gender-based Violence

To eliminate gender-based violence and the racial trauma that disproportionately affects women of African descent

Increase Reporting of Hate Motivated Violence

To enhance the reporting of hate-driven violence and intimate partner violence within the African-descent community

Create resources & Share Data Based Evidence

To collect race-based data to counter violence in Edmonton, as well as to clarify what actions the community and government need to take