Civic Engagement

The African Canadian Civic Engagement Council (ACCEC) is dedicated to increasing Black Canadian participation in civic engagement, advocacy, community, and leadership to increase life quality and address social inequities. In the past, this has been done through public engagement campaigns as seen in the last federal election where the ACCEC launched a social media campaign showcasing BIPOC candidates and their platforms. As well as connecting Edmonton’s African-descent community with information regarding voting, elections, and other critical information.

Activities & Events

Town Hall Meetings

ACCEC utilizes town hall meetings to spark conversation in the community on key issues and generate innovative community -centered approaches. Past town hall subjects have been on women’s mental health, anti -black racism, and Alberta’s ban on Carding. The town hall asking the provincial government for stronger
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Intergenerational Knowledge Transference Through Storytelling: Black History Month

This initiative is youth-centered, and the purpose is to facilitate an opportunity for Black youth to explore their ancestral history, experiences, and accomplishment across civilization through inquiry, storytelling, research, and express their learning through digital storytelling and Afrocentric exhibition. The purpose of this event is to celebrate
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Participatory Integrational & Culinary Initiative: Black History Month 2022

Black History Month Celebrates and recognizes the history and achievements of People of African descent living in Canada and around the world. It is a special month that acknowledges and educates society about the systemic barriers and the historical legacies of colonization and enslavement tragically experienced by
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