About Us

The African Canadian Civic Engagement Council (ACCEC) is a Black-led, Black-founded, Black-serving, national-level organization based in Edmonton, Alberta that empowers and serves African-descent communities in Canada through advocacy, direct service programs, and research & policy analysis.

Our vision is for a Canada where African-descent communities are equal, thriving, and respected members of society, and where they have the resources and support, they need to fully participate in and contribute to society. 

Our mission is to empower and promote the advancement of the rights and opportunities of people of African descent in Canada. We achieve this by providing direct services, conducting research and policy analysis, and advocating for policies that enhance the quality of life for our people and safeguard their human rights. 

Our commitment is to promote justice, equity, and inclusivity for individuals and communities of African descent across all levels of Canadian society.

Our five areas of focus consist of youth development, civic engagement, gender-centered support, justice, and community-based research.


The African Canadian Civic Engagement Council's mandate is to protect and promote the human rights and dignity of all people of African descent.

Meet the Team

Dunia Nur

President & CEO

Tessy Omina

Manager of Programs
Development & Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Kelvin Ozorah

Program Facilitator
ANZA Ecosystem

Tinu Olabimtan

Communication Coordinator

Nasteho Daher

Gender-Centered Support Coordinator
Gender-Based Violence Project

Venessa Wright

Project Coordinator
Gender-Based Violence Project

ACCEC's Achievements