About Us

The African Canadian Civic Engagement Council is a Black-led, Black-founded registered NGO
that promotes and strengthens opportunities for African, Caribbean, Black, and Racialized
Communities. The African Canadian Civic Engagement Council’s (ACCEC) mandate is to protect
and promote all people of African descent’s dignity and human rights while celebrating our
people’s significant contributions to society and worldwide.

The six areas of focus of ACCEC are designed to create a pathway for healing and to address anti-
Black racism and systemic inequities. By providing opportunities for employment, housing,
access to mental health clinics, a legal clinic directory, and advocacy for income support and
education, ACCEC addresses the social systemic inequities that exist in the areas of health,
education, employment, entrepreneurship, and justice.

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The African Canadian Civic Engagement Council's mandate is to protect and promote the human rights and dignity of all people of African descent.

ACCEC's Achievements