ACB Stabilization Program

The African, Caribbean & Black Stabilization Program (ACB Program) was initially funded by the Province and started out as a Covid response model that recognizes the importance of belonging, connection, promoting meaningful relationships, and working with youth families and natural supports. This project is our COVID-19 emergency response to support youth dealing with mental health and addiction issues.

The ACB Stabilization program provides a safe, supportive, and secure space that allows for the development of mental health plans and personal goal setting away from everyday stressors, including those added by COVID-19. Services include therapeutic engagement, educational and employment supports from an African descent cultural perspective.


The objective of ACCEC’s ACB Program is for Black youth to tap into their highest potential to alleviate barriers by providing grassroots community protective factors, that are culturally relevant. The Program is designed to address barriers and vulnerabilities that Black youth experience, such as:

  • The long-term impact and lived experience of historical and racial trauma
  • Multigenerational and developmental trauma
  • Youth fleeing violence
  • Mental health barriers


ACCEC provides culturally sensitive programs, services and resources that facilitate the  rehabilitation and reintegration of Black youth utilizing culturally relevant approaches. ACCEC provides cultural community programs, as well as other community programs serve the overall goal of transitioning youth out of crisis and providing stability. We do this through holistic services of care that facilitate the transition of Youth into the ANZA Youth Program and other community programs.


We use an Afrocentric model to create a therapeutic environment as a best- promising intervention that provides a connection. Our services include therapeutic engagement, outreach, resource connection, advocacy, life skills, education, court processing support and employment support while building trust and providing a safe environment for them.

ACB Stabilization Services

Mental Health Support

To promote and protect mental health well being

Resource Connection

Connecting to other organizations and agencies to augment best outcomes of support

Advocacy & Support

As an intervention tool for those facing barriers or access to education, financial support and the Justice system


Life skills and individualized program plans

Justice System

Court processing and navigation support, connection to legal counsel and other legal services


Resume, cover letter writing and job search workshops

Documents & Paperwork Support

Government paperwork support, ie: applying to Alberta Works, AISH, benefits etc.


As an intervention tool for those facing barriers or access to education, financial support and the justice system

Education Support

Program navigation, application process, funding and scholarships