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National African Descent Youth Summit

The NADY Summit is a two-day event for 300 African Descent youth aged 15 to 30 from across Canada and their allies. The summit themes are “Who We Are,” “How We Live,” and “Where We Are Going.” It will help African Descent youth explore their identity, culture, and heritage, discuss the systemic challenges and opportunities they face, inspire them to pursue their dreams and aspirations, and promote cross-cultural learning. 

This is important because African Descent youth in Canada face unique and complex challenges that affect their well-being, education, and career prospects. Challenges such as systemic racism, discrimination, lack of representation, and loss of cultural identity. The summit will address these challenges and provide youth with skills, knowledge, opportunities, and networks that will help them overcome the barriers they face and achieve their goals. The event will also engage various stakeholders and influencers who can support and advocate for African Descent youth and communities.

Visit the summit website to learn more about “Who We Are,” “How We Live,” and “Where We Are Going”, and subscribe to the newsletter to receive information and updates regarding the event!

Event Date: July 27, 2024 @ 2:00 PM