Community-based Research & Advocacy

We believe that data-driven decision-making should be at the heart of all policy that impacts the quality of life for Black Canadians and the human rights of all people. The African Canadian Civic Engagement Council (ACCEC) and Innovative Research Group (INNOVATIVE) released three studies most notably, the perceptions of Black Canadians regarding the direct health and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Canada’s Black Community. The study found that compared to the Canadian average, Black Canadians report far worse health outcomes related to COVID-19. They are more likely to report symptoms, say they sought treatment and are nearly three times as likely to report knowing someone who has died of the virus. 

ACCEC works with ACB and racialised communities and individuals in advocacy. We do this through campaigning and engaging with the government and stakeholders. Our research initiatives centre African-descent communities and emerging issues, challenges, and barriers they face. 

Reports & Studies

After a year-long pilot project, we share the following policy brief that summarizes our program findings and provides recommendations. We strive to create a society in which all women and children are free from violence, especially those of African descent. The African Canadian Civic Engagement Council’s mandate is to protect and promote the human rights and dignity of all people of African descent

Through a partnership between the African Canadian Civic Engagement Council (ACCEC) and Innovative Research Group (INNOVATIVE), we released a few studies exploring the experiences of Black Canadians regarding health and discrimination.

This research was made possible with the partnership of